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About us

Working hand in hand with Sailbrace we are SailbraceUK bringing the classic symbol and modern design of the Sailbrace bracelets to the UK. 
Sailbrace is an idea that symbolizes strength and stability, a bond with someone or something that holds you in place no matter how rough things get. Our bracelets are designed to carry a special meaning in your life and our slogan personalize it:
‘’Anchor yourself to something special!’’



We believe there are special people, moments and things we all want to anchor deep in our heart. Our bracelet is a small but at the same time mighty reminder of that special things.


Handcrafted in Europe, we strive to create quality bracelets with minimalistic look and design that goes along with any style. Formal and casual enough they flow seamlessly into your everyday but still are small but mighty reminder of the moments you should never forget.